Below is a compilation of common practices used to keep your laser running and to help reduce the risk of fires. Depending on the materials being used and the frequency of use, your needs may vary. Please note that the document below is a work-in-process, and is for reference only. The manufacturer's procedures will always supersede this information. Always follow OSHA safety recommendations and MSDS data sheets. Use at your own risk.

A. Daily Checklist

  1. Clean the focus lens.

B. Weekly Checklist

  1. Clean all three mirrors.

  2. Clean the beam combiner (this is a 3rd party upgrade and may not be installed).

  3. Clean the debris tray (if installed) and scraps off bottom of laser floor.

  4. Clean the honeycomb table (if used).

  5. Drain compressor (frequency will vary by location).

C. Monthly Checklist

  1. Clean the exhaust fan, port(s), and vents.

  2. Remove any large debris from x & y rails using a cotton swab and add lubricant.

  3. Remove any large debris from the z/u-axis screws using a cotton swab and add lubricant.

  4. Check laser beam alignment.

  5. Inspect water levels in chiller

  6. Inspect tube and water lines for algae.

  7. Clean chiller filters.

  8. Clean the autofocus plunger (if installed).

D. Quarterly Checklist

  1. Change distilled water in chiller.