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There's an old saying, "having the right tool for the job," and this especially holds true when working with optics. Below are tools that you should consider when adjusting your optics, as well as, optics related parts.

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Reverse Laser Alignment Tool

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Laser Path Alignment Kit

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Lens & Mirror Cleaning Kit

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Reverse Laser Alignment Tool. This tool is designed to represent the dead center of the lens at exactly 90 degrees perpendicular making it possible for the beam to hit the lens as it was designed. This will align the 3rd mirror to the lens and not the Z-axis of travel. This tool is beneficial to users new to the process of adjusting screws on the mirrors, because you can see the results of those adjustments quicker. Please note that the tool is only used to align the 3rd and most important mirror. You will still use the traditional scorch method for aligning Mirror 1. Mirror 2 can be adjusted using either the scorch method or this tool. Watch this video to learn how to use the alignment tool: Laser Alignment by American Photonics

How to Purchase a Reverse Laser Alignment Tool:
Simply measure the outside diameter of the lens tube, below the knurled hand nut, and that is the size of the reverse laser alignment tool that is needed. Watch this video to see how to take the measurement and install the tool:
How to select the correct Reverse Laser Aligner.

How to use the Reverse Alignment Tool:

Laser Path Alignment Kit: Typically tape is placed in front of the mirror and is pressed to form an outline of the mirror. This kit will project cross hairs on a card or tape so there is no need to worry about creating an outline. When the burn is in the center of the cross hairs, your beam is aligned. Watch this video to see how to use the kit: Laser Path Alignment Kit

How to Purchase a Laser Path Alignment Kit:
Simply measure the inside diameter of hole inside the mirror mount (not the lens hole). This tool is designed to fit a 17.8mm hole.

How to Purchase a Red Dot Locator:
Determine the outside diameter of the existing lens tube. Use a digital micrometer to measure the outside diameter of the lens tube, below the knurled thumb nut. A digital micrometer will ensure you select the correct tube since the sizes differ by 1mm increments. Note: If you are purchasing a 4" focal length lens tube, you will need a 25mm red dot locator, regardless or your lens tube size, since it will need to mount lower on the tube.