LightBurn Camera

A LightBurn Camera, which works in conjunction with LightBurn software, will allow you to position projects on your material, trace artwork from the bed of your laser, and provide some monitoring for your laser. Watch this video showing benefits of the LightBurn Camera.

There are three variations of cameras offered:

  1. 5mp, Standard-Resolution, 4:3 Aspect Ratio - These are the standard LightBurn cameras.

  2. 8mp, High-Resolution, 4:3 Aspect Ratio - These cameras fall between the 5mp standard cameras and the 8MP wide-angle cameras. They have the same physical size as the 5MP, with a higher resolution sensor and a 4:3 aspect ratio.

  3. 8mp, High-Resolution, Wide-Angle - These cameras are typically best for lasers with beds over 1000mm.

LightBurn Camera Selection and Installation:
With every model of LightBurn Cameras you will need to select the degrees for the lens. The easiest way to determine which camera you need is to install LightBurn, get it set up for your laser, and perform the following steps:

  1. Start LightBurn.

  2. Click on Help->Camera Selection Help from the top menu. LightBurn will then display all the available cameras. Look in the column Minimum Mounting Height.

  3. Go to your laser, and place a small block of wood or something reasonably flat on the bed. Focus your laser on it, like you would if you were going to engrave it.

  4. Find the center of your bed, and measure straight up to the lid in inches and write this number down. (Yes, if you have a pretty acrylic top, you are going to be sticking a camera to the inside of it.)

  5. Go back to LightBurn and look for a camera with a mounting height about 2 or 3 inches LESS THAN the height you measured (this will give you a little wiggle room).

  6. Once you find the camera you want, double click on it and it will open your browser and bring you to the ordering page. Be sure to order a mount (or download the design to 3D print your own).

  7. Wait for your camera to arrive.

  8. After your camera arrives, you will need to install it in the location you measured to earlier. The camera is powered by the USB cable which needs to be connected to the computer. There are plenty of holes you can route your USB cable through for a clean install. The cable that is included is roughly 10 feet long, but approximately half of it will be inside the machine. Below is a high-quality, 10-foot extension you can use. It's important that the cable stays clear of all moving parts inside your laser. Adhesive-backed mounting bases and cable ties work great for protecting and concealing the cable.

  9. Start LightBurn.

a. Click on Tools->Calibrate Camera Lens and follow the steps.
b. Click on Tools->Calibrate Camera Alignment and follow the steps.
c. Your camera set up is now complete.

  1. With the lid to the laser open, Click on the camera icon in the center of the LightBurn window, and it will take a snapshot of your bed. You can use this to position your material.

Tip: The struts for the lid do not always bring the lid back to the same position. Prior to calibrating, take a 1x2, and cut it to height of the opening, adding a 1/4" so that it slightly pushes the lid up. This will insure the lid always opens to the same position. You may want to add some notches to the board and alignment marks on the laser so you always place the board in the exact same way.

Official LightBurn Documentation: Using a Camera


  • If you are unsure which camera to purchase, contact LightBurn directly for support--they will NOT return or exchange cameras.

  • For camera installation, you will need an enclosure (they are not included with the camera). The appropriately sized camera enclosure (there are two sizes) is listed on the camera ordering page. If you have a 3D printer, LightBurn has links to free designs on the Camera Mount ordering page.

Download the Camera Mount for Small Cameras STL File.

Download the Camera Mount for Large Cameras STL File.

Required Components for LightBurn Camera Installation:

Order Software from LightBurn:

LightBurn Software

Order a Camera from LightBurn (it's best to select and order from within the LightBurn app):

5mp Cameras

8mp-N Cameras

8mp-W Cameras

Photo of LightBurn Camera Installed on Laser Cabinet Lid

One last note about LightBurn cameras that isn't very well known. Some models have a manual focus adjustment. The black, round circle around the lens will rotate so you can focus the lens. So if your picture quality is fuzzy, this could be why. There is a drop of glue holding it in place, but I was able to free my lens by simply turning it.