While a majority of the parts used on these lasers are universal, most of them will be hard to come by at your local stores. Below I have complied a list of parts that commonly fail along with online retailers who specialize in parts for these machines.

  1. Common Repair Parts. Below is a list of parts that commonly fail, as well as, other popular parts.

  1. Retailers Specializing in Replacement Laser Parts. Below is a list of popular retailers with a wide selection of replacement parts.

  1. Genuine S&A Chiller Parts. Below is a list of commonly replaced parts in genuine S&A Chillers. Specifications are subject to change, so verify parts before ordering.

    • Service Manual | S&A N/A | Models: CW-5000/5200

    • 0.5A Power Supply | S&A GM42-240160-D | Models: CW-3000/5000

    • 1.5A Power Supply | S&A GM48-240200-D | Models: CW-5200/6000

    • T-503 Controller | S&A T503 | Models: CW-5000/5200

    • HL Flow Switch | S&A HL-30 | Models: CW-3000/5000/5200

    • Flow Switch | S&A L-50A | CW-3000/6000

    • Temperature Display | S&A 2W-WTB | CW-3000

    • 50W Water Pump | S&A P2450 | CW-5200DH & CW-6000

    • 25W Water Pump | S&A P2430 | CW-3000DG & CW-5000DG